Lots of new takes on relatively old concepts seemed to be a popular theme at the recent Get Geeked annual gadget roundup. Perfect example, the Podo, for when your arm is not long enough for a group selfie, stick this thing, out January for about $100, onto almost any surface and let it do the work.

“It’s basically to eliminate the selfie stick," says Anne Marie Kim of Podo Labs. "You just stick it on the wall and step back up to 30 feet, which is Bluetooth range, and take the photo, video, time-lapse or GIF."

The Electric Jukebox tries to bring a traditional jukebox-like experience to your TV. Out this holiday season for about $200, just plug it into your HDMI port, get it onto your Wi-Fi network and just like that, you have access to, developers say, 30 million tracks.

"What we’ve created is a product that you can just buy with no need for a subscription, basically the cost of the music is baked into the cost of the device," says Tim Hadley of The Electric Jukebox Company.

The PowerUp FPV is the first drone I’ve seen that’s made out of paper, and the fact that it’s made out of paper is one of two features that makes it drastically different from pretty much every other drone.

First, the paper part of it, and yes, you do fold it yourself, stick the camera/brains on top and designers say in about two minutes, you’re up and running.  As far as the headset goes, it is a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. Just launch the PowerUp FPV, or First Person View app on your phone, put it in the headset, and then fly.

“You see the point of view of the aircraft. You control it by just pointing your head, wherever you look it’ll fly, it has an onboard computer with ten sensors, a barometer, accelerometer, everything you need," says Shai Goitein of PowerUp Toys.

The PowerUp FPV, created alongside drone veterans at Parrot, will begin preorders via a Kickstarter campaign next month for around $200. The drones are expected to launch next summer.