Can Wu Tang Clan's performance at the Roots Picnic last month be called a comeback? We'll hear what one member of the group had to say. NY1’s Eric Holland filed the following report.

The Wu Tang Clan’s rare live appearance at The Roots Picnic last month has fans wondering about the status of the illustrious crew.

“The experience in Bryant Park was great,” says Wu Tang Clan member, Masta Killa. “I haven’t performed in New York with my brothers as a whole in quite a while and having The Roots hold you down as far as that’s who’s playing the music.  That’s a win, win situation.”

“It’s very difficult to still get everybody in one room because we’re all doing so many things, and even that day our brother Ghostface was still missing,” says Killa. “At some point, man, I think it’s very important to our legacy and what we stand for that we all come back under this Wu Tang flag. You can take your pick whose chamber or which style you want to adapt to, or who you love more, but what we stood for was togetherness and the family aspect of it.  Nine brothers together doing something for one common cause."

Whether the members of Wu Tang Clan put aside past conflicts and reunify for more shows and albums is an open question.

 “Right now, the only thing we can do is go forward and show the growth and development,” says Killa. “The greatest understanding that we can do is pull it together and show our fans that we really understand how precious this position is to us and to the world.”

1993's debut Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) was just reissued on seven inch records in a luxurious box.