Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that 100,022 coronavirus test results were reported in New York yesterday, a record-high for the state. According to the governor, 0.69 percent of those tests were positive for COVID-19, making it 23 straight days with New York producing infection rates below one percent.

"Yesterday's highest-ever number of tests and infection rate of 0.69 percent are great news, especially when you consider what's going on around the country and around the world," Governor Cuomo said. "The state is doing extraordinarily well, and again, kudos to all New Yorkers because there's no mystery as to how this happens. It's a social action and it's the community of the people of the state of New York acting out of mutuality and concern for one another."

Additionally, Cuomo reported that both hospitalizations and intubations are at their lowest since mid-March, with 429 and 47 respectively.

There were two COVID-19 deaths in New York City yesterday, both were in Queens.

As New York's numbers continue to improve, the governor pleaded with residents to keep following the recommended guidelines. "Everyone should continue to wear masks, socially distance and wash their hands," he said. "And local governments should continue to enforce state guidance so we can get through this together."