Local business owners are worried about staying afloat as customers stay away because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We spoke to the owners of a barber shop and Deli in Shore Acres. Both say their businesses, normally very busy on the weekends, have been completely dead.  

The owner of Dynasty Convenience, a local deli, says they would typically be making nearly 100 sales by the time we stopped by Sunday in the late morning.  But instead there were only six.   

Mike Tayeh, the owner of Dynasty Convenience says "yeah, the business really took a big hit with the virus. Nobody's coming to the store. Sundays we're very busy. The deli is really very busy. But because of what's happening now, we're really not doing that good. No."  

Both owners say they hope things are able to go back to normal soon, and they are struggling to figure out how to make it through.