NEW YORK - Residents joined business owners and elected officials in a rally outside MTA offices Tuesday, bringing attention to their concerns over the L train shutdown this spring.

The group gathered in Lower Manhattan to demand the MTA address issues like noise, air quality, and dust that the project's construction will bring.

They say they already have health concerns about the work that's already underway along 14th Street.

"Lights, sheds, pollution, dust, hosing down work, making sure there’s no dust mitigation. Time and time again, these concerns her not being listened to. We asked the MTA to do more, they must do more," said State Assemblyman Harvey Epstein.

"The Construction goes 16 hours a day. It starts at 7 a.m., but of course the workers are there at 6:30, making noise, back-up beeping. We never get to sleep in," said Penny Pennline, a 14th Street resident.

That preliminary work on 14th Street is being done to prepare for 15 months of repairs to the Canarsie Tunnel, which was heavily damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

Protesters want the MTA's 24/7 work permit for the site revoked.

But the MTA says crews will limit their work to underground tunnels during late night hours.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will do a walk through of the tunnel on Thursday to review the MTA's plans.