NEW YORK - It may still be fall, but it looked an awful lot like winter outside Thursday afternoon as the first snowfall of the season hit New York City in mid-November.



Daily records for snowfall on November 15 were broken at Central Park, where six inches of snow were registered as of 7 p.m. Thursday, and at JFK and LaGuardia airports. As of 7 p.m., JFK had registered 3.2 inches of snow, and LaGuardia had registered 1.2 inches of snow.

The combination of snow and gusty winds brought down trees throughout the five boroughs.



It also caused problems on the roadways. A multi-car accident brought traffic to a crawl on the inbound upper level of the George Washington Bridge.
No serious injuries were reported in the crash.
The gridlock wasn't just limited to the GWB, either. There were traffic issues in several other parts of the city.
The messy weather led to commuters getting stuck at the Port Authority Bus Terminal as well.
Rain will continue Thursday night and could become heavy at times.
The rain will end on Friday, and then dry weather settles in for the weekend.

Alternate side parking was suspended Thursday, and it will be suspended again on Friday. Parking meters will remain in effect.