A nine-year-old boy pepper sprayed several people inside his Bronx school Tuesday, leaving several injured.

Police say the boy found the bottle in the cafeteria at P.S. 182 in Castle Hill.

About 30 kids suffered eye and throat irritation, and some had trouble breathing, but no one was seriously hurt.

"It's extremely scary because my little brother goes here and it's just terrifying to hear. I mean God forbid it was something else. God forbid it was an actual weapon. Only God knows what would have happened. It's terrifying," said one person at the school.

"It bothers me, but I'm just hoping that they take an extra step to maybe like prevent this for next time," added another person.

Most of the injured were treated at the school.

Two kids, including a nine year old girl with asthma were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The Department of Education says it's investigating the incident.