A $63 million repair project to help thousands of Sandy victims is underway in Brooklyn.

NYCHA kicked off its roof construction project at the Red Hook Houses.

Roofs will be replaced on all 28 residential buildings.

The housing authority says the project will benefit more than 6,000 residents, who will see fewer leaks and improved quality of life.

"If you cannot seal the builings from water, you have issues of mold, you have issues of peeling paint, you have issues of plaster. And then you have the real-life potential health impacts that affect our residents as well," said Shola Olatoye, chair and CEO of NYCHA.

The Red Hook Houses saw significant damage as a result of Sandy, with many residents dealing with mold in their units.

More work at the Red Hook Houses will include flood-proofing for future storms and the installation of standby backup generators.