New Yorkers will soon be making music, singing, and dancing in the streets.

'Sing for Hope' artists have decorated 60 pianos — to be placed around the city for the summer months, available for the public to hit some high notes.

Right now, the pianos are at the 'Sing for Hope' offices in the Financial District, but soon they'll be available for the public to play and enjoy.

The pianos will spend most of next month in high-traffic locations around the city, before getting cleaned up and donated to city public schools.

"All the pianos will go out to different locations around the city to 50 different spots," said Sing for Hope Director of Programming Paula Nemerson. "Ten will remain on plaza for all of June, June 5th through 25th, in celebration of our 10th anniversary."

In those 10 years, the program has distributed 400 pianos, encouraging arts education along the way.

To learn more, visit Sing for Hope's website.