The city's restaurants are getting an "A" from the Health Department.

The Health Department's new report says 93 percent of the city's 24,000 eateries are posting a top grade, up from 81 percent last year.  

The 93 percent number includes restaurants who are given a chance to improve their grade after an initial inspection. The Health Department says 62 percent of restaurants received an A on their initial inspection.

Officials say there has also been a 41 percent drop in sanitary violations, compared to the peak in 2012.  

Salmonella rates have also declined since the letter grading system's launch in 2010. 

And the amount in fines paid by restaurants also dropped 58 percent between 2012 and 2016, according to the Health Department.

The Health Department says it's hosting workshops on food safety in every borough to help restaurant operators get and maintain A grades. 

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