The annual Somos el Futuro Conference is wrapping up Saturday in Puerto Rico. NY1's Zack Fink is there and joins us with the latest on what lawmakers are saying.

State lawmakers are awaiting a decision on whether they will receive a pay raise.

It's a topic that's on the mind of state officials as they wrap up the annual Somos el Futuro conference on Puerto Rico.

At the five-day meeting, lawmakers discussed issues that affect the Hispanic community.

But we also checked in with them about upcoming decision from the pay commission that was setup to decide how much the state's lawmakers should earn.

Their current salaries are $79,500 a year — a number that hasn't gone up since 1999.

"We should let the commission do its work, and understand and analyze this issue outside of any type of political process," said Democratic Assemblyman Victor Pichardo of the Bronx.

"The commission has its job to do, it's been established for a very specific purpose, to look at things objectively, um, we expect and hope that they come out with a favorable decision on what our pay should be," said Democratic Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, also of the Bronx.

The commission is expected to make a decision on Tuesday, and whatever it recommends will automatically go into law.

Tonight Mayor Bill de Blasio will speak at a reception at the conference, which officially ends tomorrow.