Hillary Clinton joins the ranks of Aaron Burr, Barry Goldwater and Mitt Romney, all presidential hopefuls who didn’t make it to the White House. 

Clinton's campaign sign was added to the lawn of presidential losers in front of the Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park.

It is part of a temporary art exhibit called "Monument to the Unelected." It features 57 campaign lawn signs with names of major party candidates who lost the presidential election, starting with John Adams in 1796.

Clinton supporters say the exhibit is poignant but powerful.

"I have some sadness for sure, a lot of sadness. But hopefully, we'll all just take this as a lesson for women to keep fighting for someone to be elected and get into office," said one supporter.

"It's a very historical display. It tells you the story of America, all its past, present and up to today," said another.

The exhibit will be on display through Sunday.