Some lucky New York City pets have new homes today thanks to a mega adoption event in Union Square. NY1's Gene Apodaca shows us why this year marked a big year for animal rescue. 

At Union Square Sunday afternoon, this party truly went to the dogs.

These cute critters weren't here for their afternoon walk, but, to find lasting homes.

Jessica McRorie just couldn't resist bringing little Sophie home with her.

"David loves to play but he's by himself so now he has a buddy to play with," McRorie said.

Adopt-a-palooza  featured more than 300 homeless dogs, cats, and even rabbits all looking for forever families, this year celebrating a big day for the ASPCA.

"It's a very big year, it's our 150th birthday the ASPCA was founded in 1866 by Henry Berg right here in New York City and his vision really brought us to where we are today helping animals move from dire circumstances to safe and loving homes," said Joel Schwarzberg with the ASPCA.

Through partnerships with the Alliance For New York City's Animals and other rescue organizations, every year hundreds of pets are saved through adoption.

Ashley Garcia found her Shih Tzu-Poodle two years ago.

"They found him in Brooklyn in the cold weather so we adopted him and now he's in a happy home," Garcia said.

But, despite the successes, there is still more work to be done.

Even though dogs like Caramel here are in a rescue shelter, every day in the city of New York more than 35 dogs and cats are put to death because there's simply not enough room for them.

Thanks to efforts like this one though, at least these pets have a chance.

 "There's a home out there for all of them,  and this is what they do they love you unconditionally no matter what, that's why dogs are the best," said Jennifer Brooks with Second Chance Rescue.

And that's nothing to bark at.