Repeat hit-and-run drivers could be facing tougher penalties if a Queens Councilman gets his way.

Jimmy Van Bramer is pushing a new bill that would raise the fines for people who leave the scene of an accident more than once.

Repeat offenders would be fined up to a thousand dollars for accidents that cause property damage, $2,000 to $5,000 if a person is injured, $5,000 to $10,000 if there is a serious injury and $10,000 if someone is killed.

The amounts would be in addition to any criminal action. 

NYPD numbers show there have been 38,000 hit and run crashes in the city so far this year. 

Four-thousand resulted in injuries and 38 people died, but only 28 people were arrested.

Van Bramer says more needs to be done to improve traffic safety.

"I think we all agree that it is perhaps the most heinous of acts to actually strike another human being, to know that you struck another human being and then to leave that human being to die in the street when you could stop the car and call 911 and possibly save a life," he added.

The City Council last year passed the first law to ever impose civil penalties on hit-and-run drivers.