Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of celebration, but it is not for some tenants in upper Manhattan who say they'll be spending the holiday without gas in their apartments.

Tenants rallied outside 501 West 169th Street in Washington Heights demanding that their gas be turned back on.

Organizers say there are seven buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx that will be without gas this holiday weekend.

Some tenants say they've spent more than a year without gas and say their demands have been ignorned by landlords.

"The landlord using the new taxes to rise the tenants. Not only cut the gas, but not to give any hot water, also heat," said Luis Tejada, executive director for the Mirabel Sisters Cultural and Community Center.

"These tenants have been left without cooking gas service at this crucial time, right before the holidays, right before they're trying to have their families together," said Kerianne Pauls of the Urban Justice Center. "So it's really very unfortunate in this time."

One of the building managers in The Bronx says the building has been trying to work with Con Edison to restore gas in that building, but that there's been delays in the process.

Tenants claim the cutting of gas service is an effort by landlords to force them out of their apartments.