According to a recent report by the state comptroller, New York City schools don’t have enough mental health professionals to address student’s needs.

On this World Mental Health Day, Shanequa Moore, founder and CEO of “I’Raise,” joined “News All Day” to talk about how her organization is focusing on the critical mental health needs of young people, and especially youth of color, in our schools and around the city.

Moore says that the pandemic has led to a decline in youth mental health leading to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

“Black youth, in particular, are severely impacted. And that’s mainly because they grow up in environments that are already stressful. And they’re exposed to things like racism and poverty and other factors that really does, really impact their mental health,” she added.

To better support youth's mental health, Moore encourages people to normalize asking for help, create safe spaces for young people to express their feelings, and allow them to share without judgement to help them feel seen and heard.

For more information or to contact I’Raise, just go to or call 718-725-8996.